How To Drink Kombucha For Weight Loss: The Essential Guide

Who amongst us has not struggled with a weight problem? Whether after holidays, during college finals or simply as a result of a sedentary lifestyle, many of us suffer from being overweight. Me myself have often wondered how I can lose all that weight? How I can build some muscle? How to drink kombucha for weight loss? Or whether I should go on a diet?

Data collated from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey suggests that 2 in 3 American adults are either overweight or obese. Researchers at Auburn University did a 4-year study of college students after which they determined that 70% of college students gain weight during their studies.

I, as a mother of 2 young children can attest to the fact that I too ended up with a widened waistline during college and since then, it has been an uphill battle to maintain my ideal weight. There are a plenty of diets and exercise regimes out there to fill all the days of our lives, and as efficient as they might be, most of us struggle to maintain such things over a considerable duration of time.

In the end, I only concurred that the only thing that works is a combination of eating right, mild exercising and kombucha.

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What the hell is kombucha?

More than 2000 years ago, a Korean medic healed the Japanese emperor Inyoko with his own blend of a Chinese health drink that has since then come to be known as ‘The Tea of Immortality’ and often, ‘The Magical Health Elixir.’ In the end, the drink was called Kombucha, a combination of the name of that physician (Kombu) and the word for tea (cha).

Such was its positive effect that even the samurais were known to carry it in their wine skins as gave them an added boost of energy. Heck, even Genghis Khan and his Mongols were fans of the drink and transported it in their travel flasks.

There is nothing ‘magical’ about the drink, however, as it is a fermented probiotic drink made from tea, sugar, and kombucha scoby (a colony of bacteria and yeast).

Kombucha for weight loss

Drinking kombucha provides a whole lot of health benefits however in my experience the most significant one of them comes when you learn how to drink kombucha for weight loss. There are a bunch of factors that make kombucha such an ideal drink for those looking to shed those extra pounds.

Kombucha works fast to improve the metabolic rate of your body significantly. In plain English, it means that if the metabolic rate of your body is higher then it will convert food into energy at a much faster rate and in the process, burn extra calories. In a nutshell the slower the metabolic rate of your body, the more difficult it is to shed weight.

Kombucha also helps in breaking down the fat molecules (or the fat storage in the body) and turning it into fuel that your body uses to carry out the day-to-day activities. As the fat cells break down, it leads to weight loss as well.

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Physical benefits of kombucha

Drinking kombucha also aids digestion, which means that the food you intake gets broken down easily in the digestion process and the nutrients are absorbed much more easily. Once the digestive system is in optimal health, your body is less likely to retain fat, which as we know, leads to weight gain. Besides an efficient digestive system releases more vitamins and enzymes that are used as fuel and this in turn greatly reduces the craving for sugar. As in need for a ‘sugar rush’ and as we know, there is nothing that makes you put on excess weight than eating food that is rich in sugar.

The benefits of kombucha weight loss are that it happens over a gradual period. Medical practitioners suggest that the healthy rate of weight loss should not be more than 2-3 pounds a week and kombucha weight loss results are well within that.

Learn how to drink kombucha for weight loss

If you are looking to tone up that body for a wedding or for that summer trip to the beach, then you’d best combine kombucha along with exercising. Nothing brings about better results from learning how to drink kombucha for weight loss and this amazing combo.

Most of the time when it comes to exercising, we feel lethargic and lazy to go to the gym or to go for a run or a bike ride. Most of the time, it is because of the unhealthy eating and the inefficient state of our digestive system that brings about a severe lack of energy.

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What does it contain?

Kombucha is enriched with iron and vitamin B which when ingested, goes through a process called chelation and increases the hemoglobin in the red blood cells. This gives you the benefit of a well-oxygenated body that is full of energy. Does not take a genius to figure out that if you are full of energy all day long without feeling any depletion, then you will be much more inclined to indulge in some physical activity or the other.

Carrying around a bottle of kombucha with you is a great idea for whenever you need a quick boost of energy. A quick sip and you are raring to go. No more the need for dependence on caffeine during the day.

If you to want to make things even better then throwing in a healthy eating plan along with the kombucha and exercising combo will work wonders. I am not even referring to a diet plan or a fad diet like South Beach. I am talking about simply eating a well balanced nutritious diet.

The question “how much kombucha should you drink daily?” is often asked. The answer is that I, for example, have substituted soda, juice and other sugary drinks with natural ones like lemonade, green tea and of course kombucha. To someone new to this, it might seem strange to drink fermented tea a few times a day but trust me on this, once you get hooked to it there is no going back.

In conclusion

Not only is it utterly delicious, but it is also a great mental relief to know that the drink that I am completely hooked to is extremely beneficial for my health. More importantly, it has allowed me and millions around the world to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy life that we enjoy much more than we would have otherwise. Learning how to drink kombucha for weight loss is very beneficial so why not try for yourself and see what the big fuss is all about?